Traffic is one of the global issue which is a headache of every human being of recent time and also this is one of that issue which is almost impossible to solve as we know there is no traffic free country in the whole world.

But wait a minute, May be you guys are thinking that

Why Maruti is discussing about traffic issues in spite of his financial strategies?   

Because I want to discuss about the second part of my article heading which is TRAFFIC IS A SOLUTION and here I am talking about web traffic. In modern days’ web traffic is one of the most important thing for you if you have your own website online. Everyone wants more visitors on their site and they do number of free as well as paid tricks for that. Creating a Facebook pages, commenting on popular YouTube videos, SEO- Search engine optimization all these are some of the popular and mostly used techniques to increase a web traffic.

In this post, I want you to know that how can we convert this web traffic in to long term passive income. If you are not a business owner, you don’t want to sell anything online but still you can make at least 50000 per month for longer period from this strategy which I am going to share with you.


Like always you have to follow some simple steps:

Step 1: Find out a Common Problem

First important thing which you need to do is find out one common problem which everyone is having and solution of the problem is not easily available. If you focus on our day to day life you will find plenty of problems like this.

How to train pets on some specific things like picking newspapers from main gate, do not seat on bed, always do potty in one spot, etc or may be some common problems like how to approach a girl, how to dress up well, how to take good care of fishes in home aquarium, how to control anger, how to negotiate, there are so many like this. And I want you to find out one which you like, even if you don’t know the solution of this common problem or you don’t know how to explain it to someone that’s ok.

Step 2: Find out a definite solution

Once you have chosen a common problem now it’s a time to find out an exact solution for that. Here I want to give you one quick trick like assume that your common problem which you decided from first step is – how to take good care of fishes in home aquarium? and you really don’t know anything about it, still you can find exact answer by just doing following things.

Go to and search for “fish care book” when you search find out some bestselling books in the list which allows you to look inside without purchasing it.

This look inside feature is going to allow you to sneak inside some part of the book without purchasing it and most best sellers allows you see their contents of the book like this one

From this table of content, you will get to know what exactly you need deliver in form of contents and in which flow this one is going to be correct. Second you can search these things online and create your perfect content which you can give as a solution. Because we are going to give this as free of cost nobody is going to complain about it because all we are going to take from user is his details like name and email that’s it.


Step 3: Create one Opt-in page

Now we have solution so it’s a time to connect with users and grab their information. In this step, I want you to create one Opt-in page [if you want to know how to create perfect opt-in page then click here- CLICK] with catchy tag line which is not common.

This Opt-in page will take user’s information and give them proper answer which we have already prepared in form of E-book or PDF document from last step. User will get reply through automated email system tool which I will explain in step 5.


Step 4: Create one free video on YouTube

When someone search on google they will get results based on SEO results but one key loop hole in this system is YouTube Videos. When you create your own Video on YouTube you can publish it free and then if video title is having unique and catchy words then google will automatically show that video on results page on third or fourth rank which actually helps in routing web traffic to that video. After this all you have to do is in that video you have to attach a link of your opt-in page or you can also add call to action for that you tube video so that when user will play that video they will get pop up for opt-in page which can give them full document of solution.

There are some other ways also to bring web traffic to your opt-in page like adding a Facebook page or linking to a twitter post or you can use some of Affiliate marketplaces to promote your opt-in page for few days.[to learn how affiliate marketplace works – CLICK]

Step 5: Maintain/Share user database using internet tools 

Once you are done with all four steps you need to buy economic automated email tool. One of my favorite is Aweber which not only automatically replies to your incoming emails but also allows you to maintain and share your user database with others.

Like all the business you have to work effectively for few months to setup this, to reduce your cost you can find out more than one common problems and follow above steps to generate users from your multiple opt-in pages. The awesomeness is once your things are done all this are going to work automatically and day by day your user database will increase.

This is one secret strategy to get huge user database by web traffic and after this you can use this user data to earn your PASSIVE INCOME for years – CLICK.

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